Long time eh ?

Its been a long time since we updated this blog . Been busy with school , exam and sometimes I'm just too lazy to upload =P. RDK had a few activities organized since the last I updated this blog such as Clan War and Lan Match. We also recruited many new members into our family.


I , TyGa , on behalf of all of us from RDK would like to welcome these members into our family...


...and again I hope that we all would continue gaming passionately and have fun. Gay-ism is much encouraged too. LOL!

Lan Match

Recently , during the last school holidays , we ( Subz , Tyga , Zolon , Dangerous and Mindfreak ) organized a  LAN Match with a few of our friends from neighbouring schools in Kajang. Supposedly we were to play a 5v5 match , but because 1 of their member couldnt make it , so a 5v4 match was held instead. 

Subz , MindFreak , Zolon , and Dangerous. I took the pic.

Finally , after a ''close'' battle , we won the match . Here's some screenshots of the LAN match's results.

Terrorist .

Counter - terrorist
Clan War with NEXUS

On the 10th to Jun , 5 of RDK members ( Subz , Rexion , eRRRR , Kingsurf. , Py ) took part an a Clan War against 5 of Nexus players , consisting of two Garena members and three Steam players. On the first round , when we were in Counter-terrorist we lost 9 - 6 but on the second round , we won with a score of 10 - 0. Heres a screenshot of the players on that day .

Members from both clans .
We hope to play against Nexus again in the future and we also hope that Nexus will work on their sportsmanship by using their own official Nexus players instead of players from outside their clan. Lastly, we hope that both our clans will continue to grow positively in the world of E-games . =D

That is all for this post . I hope that I will be able to post more frequently in the future. Happy gaming and have a good day.